Manage your containers with lxdmanager

Our Most Unique Features

We are working on other features

Simple UX Design

Easy to use for new users.
Manual is not needed.

Web console

Secure access to your containers from fast web console.

Basic actions

Users can perform start, stop, freeze, unfreeze, restart action without asking admin support.

Powerful User Management

Simple user and group management for accessing containers

We are here to support your business

We are here to listen your needs

Our goal is to create an service for you and your customers to easy manage LXD containers.

Features That make us Unique

New features based on customers needs


User & Group Management

We are able to manage user accounts and groups of users



Containers Management

Allow user to easy manage his containers with basic actions and request for container upgrade or new container.


Web Console

Web console directly to users container.



No need to install

Working as service without installation need, just to allow remote access to your LXD API.



Brand customization

You can set your company logo, theme and domain name.



Snapshot Management

This allows users to manage containers backups by snapshots.

Got Impressed to our features

Lets try our demo


A Handy support System for the Software

We are here to listen you deliver exellence

For our premium customers we are here 24/7. Every installation has monitored services and security incidents. We are focusing to customer needs and requirements.

Choose the best pricing for you


Per month

  • Free to test
  • No need to install
  • 2 Weeks limit
  • Customer service



  • Up to 100 users
  • No need to Install
  • Unlimited Containers
  • Customer service



  • No limit users
  • Private server instalation
  • Unlimited Containers
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Or you can build and deploy opensource version

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